Friday, August 06, 2004

eLearning = Fad

Close dude Ankush hosts his own Blog on e-Learning. Being in the same industry, I too have a YAD (Yet-Another-Dumb-perspective) on e-Learning. Yet, I wouldnt call it e-Learning.

What is e-Learning ? To me, simply -- Technology enabling better learning. And not learning using "technology". Sounds trivial. But is it?

How can Techology help better learning -- ?
  1. Weaving dynamic pedagogies using the same content to suit user’s interest
  2. Promoting ‘Just in Time’ Learning, as opposed to ‘Just in Case’ Learning
    –Learning: anytime, anywhere, anything.
    –Scaling Teaching & Learning using Technology
  3. One good tutor reaching millions of students, breaching geographical and institutional boundaries.

According to management researchers (google, ofcourse) "e-Learning" is the target model for corporate training and is a convergence of:
»loosely organized corporate ecologies
»a business climate of permanent white water
»technological advances, including high-speed broadband networks
»a shift of power and responsibility from organizations to individuals
»emergent best practices, from performance support to training to knowledge management.

Should be trivial, eh?

Sadly, no.

What we see today is eLearning business clearly divided between

* Technology

* Content

Result: eLearning is more of a fad. Sad.

More on it later...